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Fanny M.C. Cheung Diversity Scholarship

Scholarship videos
Recipients of Fanny M.C. Cheung Diversity Scholarship 2023
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Recipients of Fanny M.C. Cheung Diversity Scholarship 2023

A Dialogue with Professor Fanny Cheung
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A Dialogue with Professor Fanny Cheung

CUHK records with deep gratitude the retirement of Professor Fanny M.C. CHEUNG, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology in 2020. Her devotion to education and research has earned her profound respect among her peers, colleagues, and students. She has also promoted the academic development of the University. In honor of Professor Cheung’s tremendous contributions to both academic research and advocacy work in the diverse range of areas such as mental health, cultural sensitivity, and gender equality, among others, we have established "The Fanny M.C. Cheung Diversity Scholarship" (the ‘Scholarship’ thereafter) to recognize and encourage our Psychology undergraduate students with excellent academic credentials and active involvement in community service related to mental health, diversity, and inclusivity.


We would like to thank all the alumni, colleagues, faculty members, and Prof. Fanny Cheung herself for their generous support to set up the Scholarship. It is hoped that the Scholarship will nurture our Psychology major students to become young leaders with both intellectual capacity, ethical responsibility, and compassionate mentality, crucial qualities for solving complex issues and working with others effectively in a world of diversity.



1. To be eligible, the candidates must: 

  • be full-time Year 2 or above undergraduate students majoring in Psychology; 

  • have attained a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above at the time of application;

  • have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements in the study of Psychology; AND

  • have demonstrated active involvement in community services in the past academic year, including playing a role in either organizing or participating in the services.  

2. Priority will be given to students with contributions to community services related to mental health, diversity, and/or inclusivity.

3. Both local and non-local students are eligible. 

4. Within one month upon notification of the selection results, each scholarship recipient is required to submit either a PowerPoint OR video presentation with narration, which will be posted on the Department website, to share her/his experiences in the community services involved and lessons learned.

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Professor Fanny Cheung (BA, UC Berkeley; PhD, Minnesota) is currently Senior Advisor, Faculty of Social Science and the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (HKIAPS) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and formerly Vice-President for Research, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the HKIAPS. Fanny’s research expertise lies in cross-cultural personality assessment, psychopathology, gender equality and women leadership with over 200 international refereed publications. Her latest book is the Cambridge Handbook of the International Psychology of Women co-edited with Diane Halpern in 2020. Fanny has previously served as President of the International Test Commission (ITC), President of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), and President of its Division of Clinical and Community Psychology. She is an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, the American Psychological Association (APA), the Association for Psychological Science (APS), the ITC, and the IAAP. Her academic awards include the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology 2012, the IAAP Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award 2014, and International Council of Psychologists Denmark-Gunvald Award 2020.
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