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Message from Faculty Dean

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Dear Department of Psychology, 


You shall find in your 40th anniversary gift basket rubies, the gemstones that were brought to Ralph Waldo Emerson. 




They brought me rubies from the mine,
And held them to the sun;
I said, they are drops of frozen wine
From Eden's vats that run.

I looked again,—I thought them hearts
Of friends to friends unknown;
Tides that should warm each neighboring life
Are locked in sparkling stone.

But fire to thaw that ruddy snow,
To break enchanted ice,
And give love's scarlet tides to flow,—
When shall that sun arise? 


                                           -- Ralph Waldo Emerson  


These rubies are frozen wine drops sent from the Garden of Eden, with the potentials to bring together hearts of friends and strangers. The sun shall unfreeze these fiery stones and liberate the encapsulated love, allowing it to flow like the tides of the sea, nourishing one another’s life. The sun shall arise; we await … 


Chi-yue (C.Y.) Chiu (赵志裕)
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology
Dean of Social Science

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