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Face Mask and Bag Set Design Competition

We invited our students, alumni and staff to submit their designs under the theme "Hope and Resilience" in Jan 2022. The awarded designs were selected based on creativity, aesthetic, originality and theme relativity by our faculty members, as well as by public voting in Facebook. The champion design was used in the production of the 40th anniversary souvenir, including disposable face mask, washable face mask and foldable bag.

01_Lam Fai Leong.png

Champion Design

Most Creative Award

Most Liked Award

Mr. Lam Fai Leong (Alumnus)

Hope is what we see if we hold on. 如太陽東昇,希望一直都在 -- 只要我們堅守信念,攜手合作,渡過難關,總有一天能夠越過黑暗,擁抱陽光。在設計中,我把英文字"HOPE"的"H"設計成一個笑臉,"O"和"E"畫成了日出的模樣,並配以淺、明亮的顏色,寓意希望的來臨以及積極面對。而"P"則以系的紫色代表中大心理學系,突顯形象。

1st Runner-up

Miss Liu Bing Jane (Alumnus)

The design of the tote bag is double-sided, meaning both sides can be viewed as the front. This grants more flexibility for users. Both sides follow the theme of strength and resilience (both physically and mentally), with “strong-minded” as the centre theme.


The mask features the same brain mascot on the bag. The mascot engages with various aspects of Psychology, covering theories and famous experiments from all of the fields in Psychology.

03_Lau Wing Yi Emily.png

2nd Runner-up

Miss Lau Wing Yi Emily (UG/Yr 4)

We all have ups and downs in life, encountering different weathers, some of which we may not feel too comfortable with. With a more natural and calm tone, as well as flowy and irregular lines and shapes, this design tries to convey the message to go with the flow, openly experience the surrounding, and kindly embrace the weather. While we try to live with our surroundings, we may grow and sprout.

Merit Award

Mr. Yiu Kwok Lun (MA/Yr 1)

We all know there is no magic that exists at all. But there are some "magic" words and advice that come from someone you are very very familiar with.  It would be your current, past or future self.

Always talking and sharing with ourselves can create something like "magic" to help us.

The design has involved several elements. Birds represent hope and fly high. The tree is our inner mental health and growth . Plum blossm is choosen because she is the strongest flower and grow at winter. 梅.

04_Yiu Kwok Lun.png
05_Fung Ching Lam.png

Merit Award

Mr. Fung Ching Lam (UG/Yr 1)

The overall color scheme is blue that gives a sense of calmness. The tote bag design resembles a serene night sky scene in nature. Nature often reminds people of recovery and resilience. Also, the moon high up in the sky represents the hope and dreams that we are longing to pursue. The design aims to encourage people to listen to music and calm themselves down even in the hardest times. In addition, the words "1982" and "future" show the history of the CUHK psychology department which is determined to strive for the best in the future as well.

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